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Refuel Carriers

Refuel Carriers is completely committed to safety, quality control and environmental care as cornerstones of our business philosophy. Not because legislation requires such measures or because green issues are the current popular buzz words, but because we believe implicitly in the responsibility we have to be careful custodians of our planet and its resources.

Our mission is to conduct business in a manner which does not endanger the health and safety of people on or off our sites while minimising the environmental impact on our routes. It is this passionate commitment to doing as much as we can to reduce any negative consequences which drives the Refuel team.

It goes without saying that we comply stringently with legal health, safety and environmental measures, but we constantly strive to improve our performance achieving benchmarks beyond permissible entry levels. Refuel Carrier’s policies conform to and abide by SQAS systems. Our warehousing and transport facilities are constantly monitored by trained and dedicated teams, ensuring that all aspects confirm to the latest legislation.

At Refuel Carriers we require all employees, clients and visitors to comply with and embrace our health, safety and environmental policy. We have set ourselves extremely high standards and strive to maintain these through regular internal and external audits.

Refuel Carriers is determined to be the industry leader in health, safety, security and quality operations as it transports commodities within Africa.