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Energy On The Move

- Refuel Carriers - About Us -

Refuel Carries has earned a reputation for professionalism primarily through its core focus being on customer satisfaction and considerable investment in time and effort to ensure that safety is a prerequisite. Refuel Carriers  has been transporting products throughout Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa since its inception in 2004.

Our staff have specialist local and cross border knowledge coupled with efficient logistics and effective systems to fast forward your consignment from collection, through customs to destination in a streamlined  cost effective process.

Beyond the issues of cost-effective and efficient service excellence is the importance of trust and relationship. Refuel  Carriers have achieved both the trust of its customers and staff, building lasting, meaningful and beneficial business relationships with all stakeholders.


Our sophisticated communication flow and dedicated tracking system enables us to keep track of your consignment, pinpointing its progress through Africa throughout its journey.

Central to our business success is our focus on safety and environmental care coupled with risk mitigation.  We own our wheels - The Refuel fleet of trucks are owned by the company and maintained in peak operating condition, effectively eliminating consignment delays.  All our drivers are experienced long-haul operators, trained in defensive driving skills and experienced in accident management to contain and minimise environmental impact in the event of cargo spills. Drivers are trained extensively on all aspects of freight handling and incident procedures.

Our commitment to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is driven by the need to be part of an economically sustainable black business sector as the foundation for future growth and profitability and as a result Refuel Carriers have recently acquired Level 1 BEE Contributor status, with 135 % Procurement  Recognition Level contribution. Our staff is a dedicated, loyal team of experts who are on round-the-clock standby to ensure the streamlined, successful movement of freight into Africa.

Refuel Carriers Refuel Carriers